Phase I

Conceptual Schematic Design

Consultant shall confer with Client and Operator to establish the specific requirements for the facilities to enable the design criteria to be drafted.

Consultant shall confer with the Architect, M&E Consultant, Interior Designer, and other members of the Design Team to ascertain the specific design objectives, requirements and constraints of the project and based on the information obtained, Consultant shall prepare the schematic layout plans to a scale of 1:100 of the facilities according to area plans.

Consultant will make a presentation to the Client on the conceptual schematic design, highlighting assigned floor spaces as per area plans and illustrating proper workflow throughout the Back–of–House (BOH) facility.

Consultant shall amend the conceptual plans as may be necessary to suit the specific requirements of the Client and Operators, the Architect, Interior Designer or M&E Consultant.

Phase II

Design Development

Consultant shall prepare, based upon the approved schematic plans, the entire preliminary layout plans for all the facilities and related areas and submit these preliminary layout plans for consideration of the parties and for the comments of the Client and Operators.

Consultant will make a presentation of the preliminary layout plans and make all necessary adjustments and changes for final approval.

Consultant shall prepare the final schedule of all equipment, installation and fabricated items for all the facilities and submit to Client and Operators for approval.

Based on the design criteria as agreed with Management, Consultant shall prepare the preliminary M&E load schedule, the preliminary budget and project time schedule for the design, bidding, evaluation, supply, installation and commissioning of the facilities and associated equipment and services.


M&E and Rough-In Drawings

Consultant shall consult with the Architect and the M&E Consultant to ensure the proper co-ordination of all architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and other services related to the work of the Consultant.

Consultant shall prepare all “roughing-in and “utility” drawings of the facility areas showing the exact size and indicative positioning of all proposed equipment and mechanical and electrical services necessary for the operation of the equipment. These drawings shall show the requirements of plumbing, electricity, steam, gas, exhaust, and ventilation and shall include schedule of estimated connected loads and fuel requirements for all items of equipment.

Consultant shall prepare layout drawings of the facility areas and sections as necessary of all recessed or elevated areas, concrete plinths, pedestals, and drain troughs.

Consultant shall revise the preliminary budget of the facility areas necessary and submit an itemized copy to the Client.

Consultant shall prepare all necessary detailed working layout drawings and the technical specifications of the facility areas based on the proposals as approved by Client and Operators in the preceding phase.

Consultant shall prepare all necessary drawings, elevations, sections, and details of the facility areas for fabricated items.

Consultant shall prepare all technical documents necessary for obtaining competitive offers for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of specified equipment of the facility areas. Such tender documents shall comprise the drawings and technical specifications as described in letter A of Phase II and supplemented by relevant legal, commercial and technical documentation and insertion as necessary and forthcoming from the Architect, M&E Consultant and the Quantity Surveyor, to enable compilation of the comprehensive tender documents for issue to tenders.


Tender Process

InfoMatrix Masterindo pt. (DSP Planners LLC) Consultant will now proceed in the development of a comprehensive tender/bid package which will include:

General specification for fabricated and manufactured equipment clearly reflecting the required standards of quality.

Itemized specifications clearly describing each item of equipment, including material, finishes, accessories spare parts, mode of operation, M&E requirements, suggested make, etc.

Schedules of all equipment with M&E ratings.

Complete address list of all manufacturers specified, to enable all tender bidders to course the required equipment.

Schedule of equipment manufactured and makes considered to be acceptable alternatives to the equipment and makes specified.

Compilation of technical details, sections, and cat sheets.

Complete collection of manufacturers leaflets of equipment suggested and serving as guidelines for the required level of quality.

Bill of Quantities and/or CD Rom diskettes in MS Excel to be used by all tender bidders.

A complete set of tender drawings.

Having reviewed all tender candidates and determined their eligibility to successfully complete this project, the Consultant will pre-qualify up to six companies and submit their names to the Client for his approval.

The Client will distribute the tender packages to the final pre-qualified tendering parties with a covering letter instructing them to send one copy to the Consultant and one copy to the Client. Upon receiving these tendering parties submittals, the Consultant shall make a tender evaluation report to the Client. In this report. The Consultant will make his recommendation for the Client’s final decision in appointing a Kitchen Equipment Contractor (hereinafter referred to as “KEC’) , Laundry Equipment Contractor (LEC) and Back of the House Contractor (BOHC).

Consultant shall evaluate up to five competitive bonafide tender bids, each for the facilities obtained by the Client and submit a report and recommendations in confidence for the consideration of the Client.

Consultant shall control the compilation of all technical and pricing documents, amendments and drawings, to be submitted by the successful bidder and channel them to the M&E Consultant and Quantity Surveyor to compile the final contract document.


Contract Management

Consultants shall control and approve all shop drawings, M&E drawings, fabrications drawings, piping diagrams for fire extinguishing, refrigeration, compressed air and other systems to be submitted by facilities sub-contractor and submit such approved drawings to M&E Consultant and Architect.

Consultant shall control and report to Client on the successful execution of the facilities sub-contractors work and shall monitor the project time schedule, which is to be observed by the facilities sub-contractor.

Consultant shall submit:

Two progress reports on the status of fabricated items, including quality control, based on actual visits to the factory. (One visit shall be made to inspect hardware samples and sample fabrications. The second visit shall be made once 50% of all items have been fabricated.

Two progress reports during the time of installation based on actual visits to the site. (One visit shall be made when the exhaust hoods and cold rooms have been installed. The second visit shall be made when 50% of the equipment have been hooked up).

Consultant shall control and approve all variations and variation orders arising during the execution of the facilities sub-contractor’s contract. Consultant shall also assess the amount of progressive works accomplished on site by the facilities sub-contractor and recommend to the Client and Quantity Surveyor on any accruable payment portions due.


Installation, Testing, & Commissioning

Consultant shall assist at and control the testing of all equipment and submit a report to this effect to the Client and Operators. This shall be undertaken in not more than 2 visits, followed by another visit to cover re-inspection of reflected defects.

Consultant will ensure that the final audit is certified and true, ensuring all warranties are in place, approves all “as-built drawings” and submit all “operator, part and service manual” into one solid bound book.