The Founder Mr. Perry Tangkilisan Jr. having more than 20 years project experiences in the Foodservice, Laundry and BOH Planning; and working experiences with worldwide foodservice companies eg. Design-Tek International, Asbury Worldwide Inc., Total Kitchen Concept Inc. and Five Star Associates Inc.

We are people who work together with your Project Team to create innovations and enhance efficiency, dependability and quality in every conceivable stage of the project. Design excellence in the art of Food Preparation, Refrigeration, Cooking and Service is PT. Penta Reources International commitment to the International Food Service Industry. Within the scope of our experience and covers areas of Food & Beverage, Laundry and BOH Equipment Design. The earlier PT. Penta Reources International expertise lies with International Hotels and Resorts, Airline In-Flight Catering, Fast Food Facilities, Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, Military Camps and Cruise Ships.

Mr. Perry Tangkilisan Jr. CEO and Founder

Mr. Perry Tangkilisan Jr.
CEO and Founder

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